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Brompton Bicycle is a bicycle manufacturer based in London, in the United Kingdom. It is notable for its folding bicycle. The Brompton folding bicycle and accessories are the company's core product, noted for its self-supporting compact size when stored. All available models of the folding bicycle are based on the same hinged bicycle frame and 16 inch (349 mm) wheel size. Components are added, removed, or replaced by titanium parts to form the variations. In reviews of folding bicycles, the Brompton is often the winner.
brompton review folding bikes brompton What is the maximum load a Brompton can carry?
We stipulate that the bike is designed to carry a maximum load of 110kgs plus 20kgs of luggage; that is the equivalent to 242 lbs plus 44 lbs.

What is the maximum height a rider can be?
The standard seat pillar is adequate for those with an inside leg measurement of 32 inches, or 33 inches with a rail saddle, the extended seat pillar is 60mm (just under 2.5 inches) longer than the standard. The telescopic seat pillar is designed for those with an inside leg greater than 35 inches or for taller riders wishing to minimise how far the seat pillar protrudes from the folded package. The telescopic seat pillar gives up to 175mm (nearly 7 inches) of extra height yet projects only 20mm (just under an inch) from the folded bike.

Why Brompton doesn't use V brakes?
The specially-designed dual-pivot brakes on a Brompton are simpler to maintain than other styles of brake, and their cabling is easier to incorporate into our compact design.

Why can't the height of the handlebars be adjusted?
Besides adding weight to the bike, it would cause problems for the routing of cables, particularly during folding, and would therefore impair the functionality of brakes and gears. Moreover, the height is fine for most users, including a number of very tall Brompton employees, especially since we introduced different handlebar styles in the summer of 2005.

Why do Brompton bikes have a steel frame?
Steel continues to offer an often-unbeatable combination of rigidity, strength, versatility and longevity.

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