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Strida is a portable, belt-driven, folding bicycle with a distinctive 'A'-shaped collapsible frame, designed by UK engineer and designer Mark Sanders. The Strida is designed to be simple to use, quick to fold, and easy to maintain. The Strida folds into a "wheeled walking-stick" that can be pushed along, much like a folded pram/baby-buggy whose folding concept provided the inspiration for the design.
Strida review folding bikes Strida Why is Strida so special?
Strida is the only folding bike that is greaseless, corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance free. It's also the world's lightest folding production bike and can easily be rolled when folded.

Is the Strida available in different sizes?
14" Strida mini is available now for riders between 140cm(4'6") and 160cm(5'3") tall, the original 16" Strida is best suited for riders less than 100kgs(220lbs) and between 153cm(5') and 193cm(6'4") tall. 18" wheel set for the taller riders were launched in 2009.

What is it like to ride a Strida?
The short wheelbase allows for great maneuverability and quick acceleration. Automatic-style disc brakes deliver strong predictable braking. The strida's heads-up riding position allows a commanding view of surrounding traffic and terrain. Injection nylon seat mouldings suspend your body, giving you a smoother ride.

Is the Strida rust-proof?
The Strida is as rustproof as a bicycle can be. The strida uses a greaseless kevlar belt drive. The frame is 7000-series aluminum, the same material found in sailboat masts. The hardware is all either stainless steel or treated steel. The cables are all completely encased in protective and lubricated cable housing; most of the cable is itself inside the frame.

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